Lithium Force Holdings Co., Ltd. (LF)

Lithium Force Holdings Co., Ltd. (LF) is registered in Hong Kong, with subsidiaries in Beijing, Dalian and Guangzhou, etc. LF dedicates to develop and produce premium large format lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles (EV) and actively participates in constructing charging networks for electric bus nationwide with proven experience. The key staff at LF is made up of technology industry veterans and preeminent scientists from some of the world’s leading battery companies and research institutes.
Our Mission———
LF’s mission is to promote EV mass adoption. We are the leader of removing the EV mass adoption obstacles with innovative business model.
Our Task———
LF chooses to deal with two tasks regarding to current obstacles of EV industry:
--Develop and produce high quality power battery. We will deploy oversea talents and technology and cooperate with our counterparts to develop and produce large format lithium ion phosphate battery cells with safety, sound uniformity as well as long life cycle.

--Design and construct charging station, which is infrastructure for EV operation. Our technology team has extensive experience, and designed and operated Beijing Olympic Games charging station (provide services for 50 EVs) and Shanghai Expo charging station (provide services for 120 EVs)

Our Goal———
LF’s goal is to manufacture the best quality of large format Li-ion battery and become the biggest station chain operator for EV fleets in China.